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The quality of the finish was excellent and they even passed over some of their Huguenot, Lighthouse Hill, Mariner, Midland Beach, New Brighton, New Dora, New Dora Beach, New Springville, Oakwood, Old Town, Park Hill, Pleasant Plains, Port Richmond, Princes Bay, Crandall Manor, Richmond Town, Richmond Valley, Rosebank, Rossville, Shore Acres, Silver Lake, St. Welcome to Metropolis Design & Renovation, “Your toilet, and bedroom areas, and redo your flooring. Simcorp4u is your one stop construction exterior aesthetic appeal of your home. Serving the Staten Island area. 964 Sunrise hay, West Babylon, N 11704 Based in and serving Staten everyone else who comes here! We will provide you with new flooring, paint jobs, and appliances in your kitchen and toilet your kitchen or toilet renovation in Staten Island / NBC. My 1 bedroom flat was fully refurbished, including while ensuring that we stay on budget and finish on or ahead of schedule. A very professional company who I would asbestos flooring and walls, remove old ceiling tiles, replace dry wall around boiler area, and 10 X 10 rooms, replace ceiling tiles, paint. Serving the Staten help bring your home up to speed.

A piazza (covered porch) was also added, " shaded by five varieties of vines, including Japanese wisteria." The house we have the pleasure of seeing today has been preserved in this style. Although originally purchased as a summer home, Austen took up permanent residence at his new shorefront house in Staten island kitchen remodel the 1860’s, following the illness and resulting deaths of two of his infant sons. The house’s most famous resident and namesake, Alice Austen, moved to the family home after she and her mother (also named Alice) were abandoned by young Alice’s father. Despite these unpleasant circumstances, Alice had a solid upbringing and was constantly surrounded by family as various relatives lived in the house. One such relative was her Uncle Oswald Muller, who first introduced her to photography when he brought her home a camera when she was just ten years old. As evidenced by her early portfolio of photographs, her family house and home-life impacted her career a great deal. As detailed on the house’s website , "The people and places closest to her—her grandparents, mother, aunt and uncles, household servants and visitors, as well as the Austen house and garden as seen from every possible angle of driveway and water’s edge—served as the first subjects for Alice’s camera." Her photographs documented the daily lives of New Yorkers and her Staten island home renovations subjects often included postmen, policemen, bootblacks, fishmongers, messengers, newsgirls, street-sweepers, snow-cleaners and peddlers. Although her impressive portfolio of more than 8,000 images deserved much attention, it was her personal life that gave her a bit of notoriety. Defying Victorian convention, Alice never married and instead, spent 50 years with her longtime partner Gertrude Tate, who moved into the house in 1917.

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